martes, 20 de octubre de 2009

Salo del Manga.

Hoy he hablado con Devir i me han comentado que tendran un stand durante el Salo del Manga que se realizara del 29 de octubre al 1 de noviembre en L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Estaran todos los dias i haran desde sellados a torneos i demostraciones. Me han dicho que haran presentaciones de Stardust Overdrive, segun la respuesta de los jugadores pueden llegar a hacer 3 el Sabado i 3 el Domingo.

De precios i horarios aun no me han dicho nada asi que tan pronto lo sepa lo publico.

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009


Welcome to Pegasus League!

If you like playing in tournaments that reward creative deck-building and innovative strategy, then Pegasus League is for you! Each month, the League will feature a brand-new format, providing the perfect environment for Duelists in search of fun and unique challenges.

Whatever you want to know about Pegasus League can likely be found here – make a habit of checking the page regularly to find out about the current format, view the upcoming format, and see who and what is doing well!

This month’s format: Caste Party

This format goes into effect OCTOBER 1, and will run until OCTOBER 31.

All Decks must be constructed using Traditional Format (you can see the Traditional Format List here:
Every single card in your Deck – including your Main Deck, your Side Deck, and your Extra Deck – must be the same rarity.
For example, you may build your deck entirely of Commons, or entirely of Super Rares, etc.

You may not substitute a card of a different rarity (for instance, include a Super Rare “Heavy Storm” in place of a common “Heavy Storm” if you are playing an all-Commons Deck), even if the card exists in both rarities.
Your cards must all be their factory-printed rarities, and not altered somehow to become a different rarity.
Here’s a list of card rarities to help you build your Deck:

Super Rare
Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Secret Rare (this includes promo cards with a foil effect like a Secret Rare, such as “Sinister Serpent” (SDD-002).
Ghost Rare
Gold Rare (Gold Foil cards from either Gold Series set)
Parallel Rare (this includes Hobby League cards such as “Torrential Tribute” (HL04-EN006, or video game promo cards, such as “Dark Magician Knight (ROD –EN001)”)
Duel Terminal cards should be treated as their basic rarity (Common like “Dark Resonator” [DTP1-EN024], Rare like “Cyber Dragon” [DTP1-EN009, or Super Rare like DTP1-EN030 “Goyo Guardian” ).

Pegasus League FAQ:

Where can I find a Pegasus League near me?

Call your nearest Official Tournament Store, and ask if they’ll be hosting Pegasus League. If not, express your interest in participating and encourage them to run it.

We will also post the names and locations of all Official Tournament Stores running Pegasus League on our Events website.

What happens at Pegasus League?

Once a week, you’ll meet up with the rest of your League, and play a Swiss Round event using Decks that comply with the current League Format. You’ll earn points for playing, along with points for winning, like this:

For each round a Duelist completes = 1 point
For each Match win (Swiss Rounds only) = 1 point
Overall winner of the tournament = 1 point

So, if you compete in a 5 round tournament, go undefeated, and win the single elimination playoff, you’ll earn 11 points for the week.

If you play 4 rounds of a 5 round tournament, win 3 of your rounds and then drop, you’ll earn 7 points for the week.

Your point totals will be tracked by your host store, and at the end of the month everyone’s points will be totaled up. The 1st – 4th place finishers will win additional prizes.

How often is Pegasus League?

Pegasus League meets once a week. You don’t have to attend every week, but if you miss a week, you’ll be missing out on points for that month.

How much does it cost to enter Pegasus League?

The weekly entry fee for Pegasus League is $5.00. With your $5.00 entry, you’ll receive one Turbo Pack.

What can I win at Pegasus League?

You can win other prizes in addition to your weekly Turbo Pack. When everyone’s points for the month have been totaled, additional prizes such as these will be awarded:

1st Place: 6 Turbo Packs
2nd Place: 4 Turbo Packs
3rd Place: 3 Turbo Packs
4th Place: 2 Turbo Packs

That’s not all, though – the Top 4 finishers at each League may submit their Duelist Profile along with a Deck list for that month’s format to KDE, for the chance to be featured here on the website. Each League can also nominate two Duelists per month, as “Format Favorites.” Whether they’re playing an extremely creative Deck, a very daring Deck, or one that’s just a lot of fun to go up against – why not get them immortalized for the rest of the world to see?

We will also update the Pegasus League page each month with the Top 25 Pegasus League Duelists program-wide. See how long the most creative and inventive Duelists can defend their positions!

Pegasus League: Deck Challenge

Look for these exclusive tournaments at larger events such as conventions – they are stand-alone tournaments featuring a Pegasus League format. The first-ever Pegasus League: Deck Challenge was held at Gen Con Indy this summer, and we hope to hold many more in the coming year.